• General purpose display panel for Landing and COP.
  • 320x240 pixel color TFT LCD panel.
  • Wide input voltage range 12V - 35V DC.
  • Direction arrows, overload, out of service.
  • Can be mounted in horizontal in COP as well as landing.
  • Programmable using 4 Button and Menu
  • User can program company Name. Capacity etc…
  • Lithium cell back up date and time (optional).
  • Date and time can be displayed.
  • Can be mounted in horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Company Logo can be displayed.
  • Advertisement function increases the added value of displays, and express users' uniqueness and diverseness.
  • TFT LCD display is easy to use with its multi-function settings.
  • Users can change massages by themselves, such as background pictures, arrow, floor, time and date.
  • East to update pictures and modify messages by USB.
  • High definition makes the images more active and lively.
  • Seven Segment Input.
  • CANbus Serial Input with Button and Call Register I/O.