• Unit has Compact Door Drive with PMDC Motor for Auto Door Lift.
  • Unit works with any kind of doors.
  • It senses the opening span automatically at the time of setup / installation.
  • Manual Tuning doesn't required, Self-Learning is automatically executed during set-up.
  • User can set Function Parameters by using Keys and Segment.
  • Information Manual carries information about the Function Parameters.
  • The Connection Diagram mentioned on Drive itself.
Door Motor
  • 24V PMDC Motor (Variants: 60W, 100W, Power Capacity depends on the size of the doors).
  • Planetary Geared & Worm Geared Variants are available.
  • Motor equipped with high resolution Encoder.
Door Motor
  • Auto-Learning for the span of the door travel distance.
  • Curved Profile for the operation of door opening & door closing, doesn't require to set any other extra parameters, like; Fast Speed, Slow Speed, Slow Located Distance etc.
  • Use motor equipped encoder, so smooth start & stop function without extra limit proxy switches.
  • Door Opened & Door Closed acknowledgement signals through Relay output.