AD9000 / CAN BUS Serial Communication


Modification: 1 CANbus Port Added

  • No of Stop: 48
  • Operations: Regular V3F, Down Collective V3F and Collective Selective V3F also suitable for Auto Door, Double Door (Two Side Opening).
  • Speed: Up to 2 m/sec.
  • Can be used in group operation up to 8 elevators and all panel: in the group are same and no extra panel is needed.
  • All system parameters can be adjusted by using 5 buttons and Graphical LCD placed on the card.
  • Serial communication and pre-wired installation with car and landing modules via CAN BUS.
  • Floor detection is carried out by counter or encoder system.
  • When an encoder is used, braking and stopping adjustment can be made by using the buttons on the card or the buttons on the car panel.
  • All the Input and Output are Opto-isolated and available in both 12VDCand 24VDC.
  • All the Input and Output are carrying LED indication on board.
  • Saving errors on system with date and time information enables to track past errors in detail.
  • 1RS-485 and 2 CAN BUS serial ports.
  • Each floor can be named by an alphanumeric character (L, P, E, F, H, b, o, 0, 1, 2, 3.....).
  • Free programmable inputs and outputs on main controller, car controller and landing modules.
  • 7-segment and signalization outputs are short-circuiting protected. In a short circuit case the concerned output is shut down until problem is removed.
  • Power down memory, in case of power fail it will reach at nearest floor instead of going to correction end.
  • It is Totally Serial Communication so it will save wire and labor cost.
  • PCBs are solder in Fully Automatic Pick & Place Robotic Machine. Which will remove all human error.
  • Standard CANOpen Protocol Interface which allow V3F to connect easily For Direct Landing Features. It also allow to any other standard CANOpen Device to the system.