• Operations: Regular V3F, Down Collective V3F and Collective Selective V3F also suitable for Auto Door, Double Door (Two Side Opening).
  • Duplex Operation using just two Wire communication no extra hardware require.
  • Speed: Up to 2 m/sec.
  • All system parameters can be adjusted by using 5 buttons and LCD placed on the card.
  • Call Register LED and Call Push Button are on single wire.
  • On board Seven Segment Display.
  • All the Input and Output are Opto isolated and available in both 12VDC and 24VDC.
  • All the Input and Output are carrying LED indication on board.
  • An error code are display on display as well as it is memories in the card.
  • Each floor can be named by an alphanumeric character (L, P, E, F, H, b, o, 0, 1, 2, 3.....).
  • 7-segment and signalization outputs are short-circuiting protected. In a short circuit case the concerned output is shut down until problem is removed.
  • It also detect the landing lock short at particular floor.
  • Also detect lock short in Auto Door. if Door not open within predefined time Power down memory, in case of power fail it will reach at nearest floor instead of going to correction end.
  • PCBs are solder in Fully Automatic Pick & Place Robotic Machine. Which will remove all human error.
  • Relay Output on Board which will reduce panel wiring and complexity.
  • Using CAN bus you can Program and Monitor the mother board with External Graphical Program Tool Saving errors on system with date and time information enables to track past errors in detail.
  • 2 CAN BUS serial ports.
Parallel Communication
  • 8 Stop Down Collective and 6 Stop Collective Selective.
  • With AD9007 24 Stop Down Collective and 16 Stop Collective Selective.
  • With AD9006 15 Stop Down Collective and 11 Stop Collective Selective.
Serial Communication
  • No of Stop: 48
  • With AD_CTB Board and LOP Display Board High Speed CAN Communication
  • Only COP Serial with AD_CTB and LOP Parallel Function.
  • Only 15 cables are enough for system to work by using serial car connection (AD_CTB) which reduces labor and cable costs.
Special Feature

Special CAN-Open Protocol for Delta Drive for Direct Landing Function and give more better performance than integrated Controller.