128x64 GLCD Monochrome


  • General purpose display panel for floor and car fixtures.
  • 128 x 64 pixel blue white LCD panel.
  • 70 x 40 mm glass, wide viewing angle.
  • 111 x 71 mm PCB dimensions (can be reduced to 95 x 56 mm); 28 mm thickness.
  • Long life white LED backlighting.
  • Programmable using 4 Button and Menu.
  • User can program company Name. Capacity etc…
  • Seven Segment Input.
  • CANbus Serial Input With Button and Call Register I/O.
  • Programmable Three Input and Three Output when used in Landing.
  • Wide input voltage range 12V - 24V DC.
  • Direction arrows, overload, out of service.
  • Can be mounted in vertical directions in COP as well as landing.
  • Lithium cell back up date and time (optional).
  • Date and time can be displayed.
  • User adjustable color of the display either white or blue.
  • Company Logo can be displayed.
  • Signalization outputs are short-circuiting protected. In a short circuit case the concerned output is shut down until problem is removed.